CrushMedSchool was established to provide medical students with the most up-to-date information and resources to aid in their education. Our goal is to help you succeed in medical school and make the extremely rigorous process easier.

Who we are

My name is Matt, and I am the creator and main contributor to CrushMedSchool. I am currently a third year student. Throughout my time in medical school, I was blown away by the lack of a cohesive, quality resource that provided information on the best and most effective tools to help make my education more efficient. I spent hours reading through forums and talking to acquaintances about resources; I want you to avoid wasting that time and spend it on learning or other things you enjoy.

Medicine is obviously one of my passions: the endless opportunity for innovation, education and nurturing of human trust to the end of health is an extreme privilege. I want to help others learn as efficiently as possible. That is why I created CrushMedSchool.